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Receiving and Giving: Dealing with Disconnection

Chris L. Johnson, PsyD

Featured on Medium

Denial is common in trauma work, and why wouldn’t it be? After all, who wants to deal with the realities of abuse head-on? Nobody. Yet denial must be grappled with to bring about healing.

Four Ways Your Organization Can Step Up its Diversity and Inclusion

brenda pak

Featured on Forbes

Implementing diversity and inclusion programs within organizations brings real top-line and bottom-line growth.

Innovation and Collaboration: A Note to Company Leaders

Jamie Martin

Featured on Forbes

Innovation and collaboration are two of the most valued attributes in a company. Leaders are choosing not to use either. Are you one of them?

How to Use Social Media for the Positive While Forging the Social Media Renaissance

Kate Yedi

Featured on Forbes

Social media is simply no longer an outlet for connection or keeping tabs on high-profile athletes or celebrities; it is now a daily resource for positivity, motivation, mindset, and education.

Young in Sales: Advice From Leaders for Leaders

Aleksandra Mihajlovska

Featured on Forbes

Sales lessons for the budding leader in you.

Go Green: How to Put Your Business on an Eco-Friendly Path

Victoria Kennedy

Featured on Forbes

How small and medium-sized companies can successfully scale with innovative and environmentally-friendly products.

"Next Normal" Approaching: Advice From Three Business Leaders on Navigating the Road Ahead

Melissa Lentz

Featured on Forbes

The "business of business" has been stripped away and with it the legacy narratives we tell ourselves about how a successful company works.

Take Control of Your Email Inbox With These Seven Steps

Grace Aldridge Foster

Featured on Forbes

Do you feel like your email inbox is ruining your life - or at least your workday? With these seven steps, you can go from inbox "oh no" to inbox zero, and free yourself from email dread.

How Vulnerability in Leadership and Creating Psychological Safety Can Unlock True Potential in the Workforce

Shareen Luze

Featured on Medium

Super Woman isn’t real. And neither are these perfect personas we’re building.

Secrets to Success: Tips for Growing Your Business

Christina Ioannou

Featured on Forbes

By creating a business founded on compassion and drive, a business owner can stray away from being just another statistic and turn their business into a thriving success.

Three Coping Methods to Ease Work-Related Stress and Restore Energy

Jenny Johnson

Featured on Forbes

Think that afternoon slump you feel in the office is due to a lack of caffeine? Think again! You might be experiencing the effects of cellular stress and mitochondrial burnout.

CEO Stories: Moving Beyond Referrals

Ilene Rosenthal

Featured on Medium

Meet today’s CEO, Chris. Even though referrals convert best for her business, she couldn’t rely on them exclusively to get the growth she needed.